Sunday, October 16, 2011

Girls Day Out

I believe regular 'girls day/night out' is crucial in maintaining one's sanity.  I've clocked in a little more than 40 hours of work and about 9 hours of studying this past week, leaving very little time to hang out with anyone and sleep.  On Saturday, my sister planned a day of girly things that included a "Trend/Beauty" event at Nordstrom and lunch.  It was warmth to my soul!

California can't seem to make up it's mind, is it summer or fall?!?  I love layering an off-the-shoulder sweater over a romper or a dress.  It's a great way to hold on to your summer clothes for as long as you can!  Just remember to pick appropriate colors.  I received weird looks when I wore a hawaiian-like colored dress under a chucky sweater.  I guess summer is over for some people...

Head to toes: Romper- Staring at Stars from Urban Outfitters, Crochet sweater "Susania" from Nordstrom, Booties- "Lita" from Jeffrey Campbell.

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