Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Opposite Attracts

Sweater- H&M, Shorts- Thrifted Betsy Johnson, Necklace/Clutch- Forever 21, Flats- Unknown from Santee Alley

This might be just me, but I'm loving the short shorts/sweater combo and I can't be happier that the weather in LA is cooling down.  Now I know the outfit contradicts one another, like why wear a sweater with shorts, aren't your legs cold?  Or if its so hot to wear shorts, why pair it with a sweater, aren't you hot?  Yes, you wouldn't believe how many of those questions/comments I get throughout the day.  But I feel as if the unbalance between the two works.  Just be me.


  1. I believe that the unbalance works. to be honest, my arms getting colder more often my than my legs!

    and those shorts are to die for! love the print especially paired with those adorable shoes!!

  2. Great post, I love your outfit the colours work so well together :) I hope you will follow my blog :)


  3. Cute outfit! Love your flats!! :)