Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Date

Summer Date

1. Crown Braid Inspiration
2. Modcloth.com top
3. "Jasmine" necklace @ catherinenicole.com
4. Tomsailor.it clutch
5. Victoria Beckhan "Butterfly" D-frame sunglasses
6. Modcloth.com wedges
7. Bankfashion.co.uk shorts
8. Michael Kor bracelets
9. YSL Arty ring

I think it was all those years in school that conditioned me to look forward to the end of June, which marks the start of summer vacation!  It's been a few years since I've been in school, but I still get a little giddy when the third week of June draws near.  

I planned on making the most of this summer by going to outdoor music concerts, barbecuing with friends, and picnicking at secret parks (let me know if you guys know of any around the Los Angeles area!).  And I can wear this dream outfit to any of those occasions!

How do you guys plan to spend your summer?


  1. LOVE this outfit!!! I want to see it on you :) And I just adore that hair, if only I can do that to my own hair! :) xo

  2. i wish that i can do all those things during the summer too =( but unfortunately i have summer school because my school is year round. almost done though!

    loving everything that you have picked out here especially those printed shorts!
    hope all is well!