Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday Blues

(Sweater and bracelets- F21, Jeans- BDG, Booties- Jeffrey Campbell)

I would have to say Thursdays are one of the toughest days of the week; it's one day shy of the weekend and four days into the work week.  I translated my feelings into something stylish with this slouchy geo-print sweater and some colorful bracelets to help brighten my day. 

I met up a girlfriend for dinner tonight at a ramen place called Ikeman in Hollywood.  Let me share something with you guys, I'm asian, I eat ramen like people eat cereals and this was the first time I had "dip ramen" (something this restaurant was known for).  The broth and noodles were plated separately (sorry, I should have taken a picture) and that was so foreign to me.  I didn't know if I should have transferred the noodles into my cup of broth?  But it was a small bowl and wouldn't fit all the noodles.  I don't know if it was eaten correctly, but I just took a bite of the noodles and a sip of the broth.  I did get a few weird stares from the waitress, but it could be my confused look and my friend laughing hysterically at me.

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